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About Us

Headquartered in New Jersey, Horizon Technologies, LLC was established in 2020 primarily to serve the needs of our clients. We cater specifically to Government and Private sectors. We provide full guidance on all our clients purchasing needs in commercial and industrial equipment. Horizon Technologies main objective is to continuously provide our clients with the most pertinent, streamlined, labor-saving, product based on our customer’s technical needs. Horizon Technologies is a proven leader in the this space and has secured partnerships with hundreds of suppliers to deliver equipment which is cost-effective. This vendor relationship is leveraged by the confidence that our clients have in our ability to provide the best service and a quality product.

Horizon Technologies provides these services to all our clients with the highest respect and professionalism. Our client should rest assured that they are in good hands, we aim to ease the purchasing process and provide individual guidance all the way to the end. Our main objective is to ensure a successful, fully satisfied service and quality product for all our clients and their businesses needs.